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We love a good Bikini Bride story and nothing is better than coworkers, turned epic romance, turned happily ever after! Actress Amber Stevens, known for her roles in Greek and 22 Jump Street, recently married her longtime boyfriend and previous co-star, Andrew J. West, also from Greek as well as The Walking Dead. We talked with Amber about her results with Bikini Cleanse, her fabulous honeymoon and her great tips for future brides out there!


BC: I’m so excited to hear you’re back from your honeymoon! How was it?

AS: Oh man, it was the best. It was so, so fun, relaxing, everything you want a honeymoon to be.

BC: That’s great! So how did you meet your husband?

AS: We met working together! He’s also an actor. I was on a series called Greek a few years ago. He came on and played my boyfriend and we started dating right after we met and never left each other’s side.

 Amber Stevens and Andrew J. West Wedding


BC: That’s so romantic. How did he pop the question?

AS: He organized a surprise for me. He took me to dinner and there was a surprise party and all of my family was there.

BC: How sweet! Was there a lot of people or just immediate family?

AS: It was actually 30 people!

BC: So what was your wedding like? You got married in December, right?

AS: Yeah, we planned it for about a year. We picked the date last January and then got married in December. So we took our time planning. But we picked the venue right away. We knew exactly where we wanted to get married. I did most of the planning myself. He helped me with everything I needed, he was very helpful.

Christmas Tree in Los Angeles


BC: Yes, I know how grooms can be sometimes, helpful but need direction.
AS: [laughs] Exactly, I just had to give him tasks and he would complete them.

BC: Where was your wedding?

AS: It was a place called the Carondelet House in downtown LA. It’s pretty rustic. It’s an Italian villa that was built in the 20’s. So everything in there is old furniture, old brick walls, chandeliers and painted ceilings. But it’s very intimate because it is an old house.

BC: That sounds amazing!

AS: Yeah, it’s very romantic.

BC: Where did you two end up going on your honeymoon?

AS: We went to the Dominican Republic. We went all over the island, stayed in three different cities, got a feel for what the culture is like there, spent a lot of time by the pool, and hanging out, readin’ books.

BC: What else are you gonna do on your honeymoon, right?

AS: It was perfect, it was all I wanted to do! I was so preoccupied with the wedding and all my free time was spent thinking about that, so it was nice to turn my brain off.

BC: Were you working a lot during the wedding planning? Did you have enough time to separate time between the two?

AS: I had enough time, but I was working. I did a few different guest stars and a movie. But I also had auditions all of the time and stuff like that so I was kept pretty busy. But I was able to split the time.

BC: It wasn’t too overwhelming.

AS: Well, I had a couple of meltdowns [laughs]. But it’s good if you only have two meltdowns.

BC: I don’t know what kind of bride you would be if you didn’t have one!

AS: Exactly.

BC: So, did you have a favorite location in the Domincan that we should know about?

AS: You know, no. We tried to pick a favorite after the trip, trying to figure out which place was the most fun. But they were all so different from each other. We went with one of those bigger, lavish resorts that’s on the beach first. The second city we went into was Santo Domingo, which is an old colonial town where Columbus lived and we learned about the history of the island. And the last place we went was up on a mountain side. It’s an area where you can go ziplining and there’s a spa in a hotel within the forest. You know, you’re outdoors, getting a massage next to a creek. They’re just all so different from each other and I’m so glad we got to go to all of them, but there is no favorite. I would highly recommend going there.

BC: It sounds absolutely incredible. Do you happen to have any bridal advice or honeymoon advice?

AS: The day of, you have to surrender. Things are going to go wrong just like everyone says and it’s true. I was so well organized and so planned and still, stuff goes wrong. Like, someone will be late and the whole schedule is going to be off, or something like that. So just surrender and try to be a guest at your own wedding. It’s so hard but quite honestly, leading up to it, I was like ‘I don’t know how I’m going to be able to do that’. I’m so hands on, but day of, I had no choice. If I want to enjoy myself, that’s just what I have to do. I actually felt quite calm. All of my girlfriends did my hair and makeup and everyone who saw me before said ‘You are the most calm bride.’

Bride and Father Walking Down Aisle


BC: I hear that often! It’s a great piece of advice. So, how did the Bikini Cleanse work for you leading up to your big day?

AS: It’s great! It was so easy for me. You know, that style of eating just protein and vegetables, it just makes you feel really good. And I had plenty of energy from the Bikini Sticks. They give you so much energy without feeling like you’re going to crash. And they’re definitely an appetite suppressant so you don’t want to snack. So by the time you’re able to sit down and eat your protein and vegetables and have a regular meal, you’re not starving or craving a bunch of garbage. The food actually tastes good to you. So I felt like the cleanse was super easy and I would do it all of the time

BC: Do you mind if I ask what your weight loss results were?

AS: You know, I didn’t actually weigh myself. I don’t like to do that. I just wanted to feel good. I definitely did and I was told by all of my friends that I look different. In addition to doing the cleanse, I had been eating very well for about a month and a half. So it was a great way to amp it up right before the wedding so you really shed those last pounds. You know in your face, or slim down a little without looking gaunt.

BC: I know exactly what you mean! Did you do this a couple of days before the wedding or a couple of weeks before?

AS: I did it all the way up until the night before my wedding.

BC: Wow!

AS: Well, like I said, it was easy! You know, you can still eat food, it’s not like other cleanses where you’re drinking a weird drink all day. You still go to a restaurant and get something to eat. I never felt deprived, that’s why it was so easy. It was the easiest cleanse I’ve ever done.

BC: Was there anything else you did prior to the wedding to get ready besides the Bikini Cleanse?

AS: I started doing pull ups! I wanted my back to look good and that was a tip I got from friend. I wore a strapless dress so I started doing that and I thought it made a really big difference. And you kind of feel like a bad ass.

Christmas Wedding

BC: Well, I’m not gonna lie, you had killer arms in your dress! You looked like you had guns.

AS: [laughs] Thank you! Well, I focused my workouts mostly around doing arm routines, like lifting light-ish weights. So that was what my focus was, but I still did full body workouts.

BC: Well it paid off girl you looked great! Lastly, is there anything in 2015 we can look forward to seeing you in?

AS: Well, I did a movie at the end of the year so hopefully that will come out this year. It’s called The Way We Weren’t, it’s a really cute comedy. And then I’m doing a pilot for NBC-a comedy-so we’ll have to wait and see if it gets picked up. Fingers crossed because it’s got some great cast members and I think it’s quite funny.

BC: Well, we’re excited because we are big fans!

**Photography by Steve Cowell

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